5 Things the Best Online Dating Profiles Have in Common


As an online dating coach I’ve probably read well over 20 thousand dating profiles over the past decade. Along the way, I’ve read a lot of incredible profiles and today I’m going to share the five traits the best online dating profiles have in common. If you want to take your online dating profile to the next level, use this list as a guide to help you get started.

1. The best dating profiles rise above the norm.
Most online dating profiles fall into one of three categories—cliche, boring, or just plain bad. It’s your job to rise above that by crafting a profile that truly makes your personality shine.

When you meet someone  in person they have little quirks, mannerisms, interests, unique qualities, and ways of speaking and acting that make them stand out from other people. No two people are the same and it’s these differences that catch our attention and attract us to each other.

And yet, a lot of people on online dating sites and apps appear to be exactly the same. This is something you need to avoid. When you write your profile, inject your unique personality into it so that it paints a distinct picture of someone memorable and unique. Give people a reason to remember you.

2. The best dating profiles understand their audience.
Most people have a short attention span. Real short. I mean, I took three coffee breaks, ate six  doughnuts, and had a mini existential crisis before I even finished this sentence. When it comes to your online dating profile, you have a window of just a few seconds to draw your audience in, so every detail matters. To increase the odds of someone reading your entire profile, try employing the following tactics:

– Provide  structure instead of having one long paragraph.
– Make it playful and add humor.
– Talk directly to the reader and be casual and conversational.
– Be personable and avoid cliches.

3. The best online dating profiles create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
When I first saw my wife’s profile several years back, I couldn’t get her off my mind. I thought about her when I wasn’t online, looked at her profile and pictures multiple times prior to meeting, and was nothing short of excited to meet her.

Her profile wasn’t just well written and her pictures weren’t just attractive. The entire persona displayed was so great that I had a fear of missing out on the chance to meet her.

This is what the best online dating profiles are able to accomplish. They paint a picture that is diverse, fun, unique, well-rounded, and so interesting that people don’t just want to meet you, but they fear not meeting you.

4. Maximize your photo gallery to its fullest potential.
Having attractive photos will go a long way and will likely be enough to catch people’s attention. But we aren’t here just to get attention, we want to help you find someone you’re actually interested in meeting for a date.

In order to do so, you need to maximize the potential of your photo gallery by revealing as much of yourself as you can. Every photo you post is your chance to communicate different personality traits, hobbies, and stories about yourself. Use this opportunity to the fullest.

You always want to have one picture where you look your absolute best, but other than that, strive to show yourself in situations that are fun, unique, or windows into your personality.

Family pictures, vacation pictures, adventure pictures, animal pictures, etc., are all examples of how you can maximize the potential of your photo gallery by revealing things about yourself.

5. Stay positive.
At the end of the day, positive vibes are what it’s all about. When someone reads your profile it should exude positivity and optimism. This is what people are attracted to. Well, at least the ones worth meeting!

Be enthusiastic and communicate that you’re a happy person and excited about the process of meeting someone special. Negative vibes or lists of what you don’t want in a partner have no place in an online dating profile. Always focus on what you do want when you write your profile, not what you don’t want.


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