Good Morning Quotes: 60+ Ways to Say Good Morning


When you wake up, who do you think of first? Whether they’re lying right next to you or just a text away, wishing them “good morning” keeps the spark alive. You don’t even have to be the mushy type; there are tons of clever ways to do it, including some funny and borderline naughty  approaches.

To save your brain-energy in the early morning hours, we put together these 60 creative ways to say good morning:

  1. Rise and shine. Glad you’re mine.
  2. Am I still dreaming or do you really look that amazing in the morning?
  3. Even though I’m not a morning person, I’m a you person so I enjoy getting up.
  4. You’re all the sunshine I need. Morning!
  5. Rise and shine, lovely.
  6. Buenas noches señorita.
  7. Morning greetings, cutie.
  8. Have you seen my reason for waking up in the morning? Oh, there you are.
  9. Morning. I crave you more than my first cup of coffee.
  10. No caffeine needed this morning. I’ve got you 😉
  11. You’re beautiful in the morning.
  12. I even love your weird breath in the morning.
  13. Good morning, sexy!
  14. Good morning. My dog misses you and so do I.
  15. You can’t be cranky this morning because you look so cute.
  16. It’s easy to feel awake when I’m next to you.
  17. You’re my morning coffee.
  18. Who needs dreams when they can wake up to you.
  19. It’s a good morning with you in my life.
  20. Morning hun. You’re always on my mind.
  21. You make being late worth it.
  22. Wish we woke up together. Morning, hun.
  23. Morning babe. Have a great day.
  24. I love waking up next to you.
  25. You looked like sleeping beauty this morning.
  26. Your face is the first thing I want to see at the start of every day.
  27. Wide awake and feeling great, thanks to you.
  28. I must still be in a dream. This couldn’t be real.
  29. You’re my sunshine. Morning!
  30. Missing you in my PJs. Morning babe.
  31. Cock a doodle do!
  32. Mornings are lonely when you’re not here.
  33. Mornings suck without you.
  34. Seeing your face is my morning coffee.
  35. Wake up! I can’t wait to start the rest of my life with you.
  36. Wake up! What are we going to do today?
  37. The rooster is crowing. Get up!
  38. Waking up to you makes mornings awesome!
  39. Your smile brightens my morning.
  40. You’re the cure for my morning hangover.
  41. I dreamt of you last night.
  42. Morning love!
  43. Morning hun. Kill it today!
  44. You make yucky mornings sexy.
  45. Wake up so you can kiss me!
  46. You’re like the morning sun: blindingly hot!
  47. Good morning, hun. Keep being you!
  48. You get my engine started in the morning.
  49. Morning my muffin xo
  50. Ah, there you are. My reason for waking up.
  51. Morning my little omelette.
  52. Good morning and many more to come.
  53. You heal my morning blues.
  54. You make Monday mornings feel like Fridays.
  55. Sending feel-good vibes to my babe. Morning!
  56. I skipped my morning vitamins. You’re all the nourishment I need 😉
  57. Morning my queen.
  58. Morning salutations my darling.
  59. Time to rise and shine!
  60. Wishing you the morning you deserve xo
  61. Good moooooooooooornnnniiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg!
  62. You, me, breakfast sandwich.
  63. You’re cuter than an egg McMuffin. Morning!

Whenever you’re up bright and early, use these creative morning sayings to make your sweetie smile. There’s nothing like some romance in the a.m. to get us through the day.

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